• December 18, 2008

    Matt Cutts on SEM Synergy

    Matt Cutts, the head of Google's webspam team appeared as a guest on SEM Synergy yesterday. Virginia managed to get  a lot of information out of Matt including some of his thoughts on mobile search, cloud computing, the future of SEO, and the realities of today's spammers. According to Matt, 2009 really will be the year mobile search makes major breakthroughs. That's what he and his team are thinking anyway. With the advent of the iPhone and the DreamPhone, the last few years can be considered building block years. The near to mid future belongs to mobile. Mobile computing means cloud computing, in which software is stored and operated at the server level, not on the computing device itself. Thinik Gmail or Google Docs for examples of cloud computing. If the computing environment changes, the work done by SEOs and SEMs changes. Matt believes SEOs will have to expand their skill sets to offer a wider set of professional services in the coming years. As for the webspam issues his team deals with on a daily basis, the worst of it comes from International spammers and hacked websites. What's there is uglier and more malicious than previously and Google is making extra efforts to combat it. Learn more about each of these points by listening to the full SEM Synergy interview with Matt Cutts in the Search Engine Optimization channel here at WebmasterRadio.FM