• May 8, 2015

    Looking Back at 150 Episodes of Mobile Presence

    Mobile....is it a name we use anymore? These days the term mobile can define only one amazing thing....the future of technology....the ability to be free...to "Roam" if you want to and be connected to anything and everything, but it wasn't always that way.

    Remember the days past? Big car phones, text only, the Razor! There was a time when mobile technology was just a laptop plugged into your hotel hard wired lamp.

    THEN it happened!

    Apple decided they were going to change the game and introduced the phone that was all phone, the iPhone. Suddenly we had a whole new world, a world filled with mobility and a connection to the web that allowed us to view websites on the go.

    That was when we were really introduced to the new age of mobile. But, was the world ready for it? Suddenly we were learning about "Apps" and how we could use them to make our mobility even better. It's been a long ride to this point, but it was at this point we started a show that has since encompassed everything that is mobile, everything that became mobile and taken us to the world we're in today.

    Back in February of 2009, a consulting giant known as KPMG listed in a survey that polled media and advertising professionals that mobile phones becoming personal computers would become one of the most "disruptive" forces in media today. And so far that has reigned true.

    During that same month WebmasterRadio.FM premiered its first mobile marketing series called Mobile Presence, a show which has kept listeners up-to-date on the massive changes the mobile space has undergone and today has reached 150 episodes.

    Can you remember those days when every developer was racing to develop apps for the Apple App Store or the Android Market, and users were excited to have 3G Data Service on their iPhone? Seems like forever ago, but not to our hosts - to them it was just yesterday, and the story is ongoing and ever changing day to day.

    The word mobile is a little different in 2015 than it was in 2009. Today it's part of everyone's life. And through all of this, Mobile Presence has remained on the air and in the spotlight. So what about the hosts of the show past and present? We asked them to share their thoughts with us on where mobile marketing has gotten and where is there room for growth in the space.

    Cindy Krum:

    I love how the show has progressed and evolved. It is a VERY exciting time in mobile, but things are changing so rapidly that it still feels like the Wild West. I love it! Kudos to all of the Mobile Presence show hosts!

    Shahab Zargari:

    How do you weigh the progress of mobile marketing? Back in 2009 mobile marketing was a brand-new frontier. Now mobile marketing is an essential and integral part of any marketing campaign. Mobile marketing avenues and techniques aren't just growing; they are changing and adapting to evolving technologies. Right now, top of mind is wearables and other technologies that will now have the Internet, such as kitchen appliances, bedroom tech and so on. In 2014 we officially became a multi-screen world, pretty soon we will no longer be a multi-screen world rather humans is surrounded by the Internet of things. Beginners will need to learn and adapt to the new ways humans access information.

    Kim Dushinski:

    I am so excited to see Mobile Presence going strong after all these years. It is a tribute to how strong mobile marketing is as well as the commitment and dedication of Peggy and Shahab as excellent hosts. Go mobile!

    Peggy Anne Salz:

    How do you weigh the progress of mobile marketing? It's been a fascinating and exciting journey in mobile marketing. First understanding and executing on the realization that mobile has indeed become our FIRST screen. And now embracing the advance of the role of mobile in everything driven by apps, messaging and location services. As a result, mobile now reaches deeper into the funnel, and customer engagement has emerged as the true end-game and focus. But it is also enhanced by the Internet of Things and the move to more human-to-human marketing is made possible because marketers (through mobile) are developing a deeper, contextual understanding of what people want and appreciate.

    Room for growth? The growth in mobile is at the intersection between context and content. Whether it's information, advertising, or personalized assistance at the 'mobile moment' when people reach to their phone, companies that can harness mobile to reduce friction and increase customer convenience will be among the market leaders, not the also-rans. We have had the privilege of interviewing some of these amazing pioneers companies like Aisle411, Syniverse, ThinkNear that will surely set the agenda for the future direction of mobile. Thanks for the opportunity Mobile Presence - and ROCK ON!

    Mobile Presence airs Wednesdays at 3 pm Eastern/ Noon Pacific and is available on demand on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Stitcher and the WebmasterRadio.FM App for iTunes and Android. Take a listen to the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2014 assembled thanks to show sponsor Skywire Inc.