• December 16, 2008

    Live on SEO Rockstars - Authors of Search Engine Marketing

    Today on SEO Rockstars, our own SEGuru - Daron Babin is joined by Stephanie Cota and Andreas Ramos, co-founders of Creative Consultants Group and authors of the book, "Search Engine Marketing". "Search Engine Marketing" explains how to use Web analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), making SEO and search marketing the critical tools for your website's success. The book includes revealing interviews with industry experts as well as valuable tips on vendor selection. Today's show will cover how Andreas and Stephanie recommend,

    • Tracking and measuring both digital and traditional marketing efforts with analytics,
    • Defining and using KPIs to manage campaigns and channels for maximum profitability,
    • How to employ SEO strategies to increase leads, conversions and sales,
    • How to understand website architecture, keyword selection, tagging and sitemaps along with their effects on search results,
    • How to use PPC to place ads in engines, radio, TV and newspapers,
    • Hands-on strategies for maximizing Google Analytics and Google AdWords
    Andreas Ramos develops Web marketing strategies for global clients. He was the co-founder of a Silicon Valley search engine marketing agency and is an advisor to a number of Silicon Valley startups. Andreas is a frequent speaker at search marketing conferences. Stephanie Cota runs The Creative Consultants Group, Inc., which provides corporate training, onsite expert evaluations, and multichannel marketing and sales solutions. She is a member of the Web Analytics Association and served on their Educational Certification Committee in partnership with the University of British Columbia.