• April 16, 2015

    Link Building Experts Share Their Link Building Techniques

    Following a recent SEO Rockstars conversation, co-host Frank Watson pointed out a recently published Forbes article from John Rampton.

    Rampton explained that "links are still an extremely important currency online. They're still Google's primary indicator of quality and relevance and are still key to achieving high rankings. The difference between the link building of 2010 and today's link building is quality and relevance."

    That said, we wanted to gather up some interviews we have presented with some link building experts that offered their own techniques to their own best practices.

    • On SEO 101, Ross Dunn and John Carcutt welcomed Garrett French, the Founder at Citation Labs shared some tips, techniques, and processes for effective link building campaigns. Ross and John also spent an episode answering a listener question about what to do when you run out of link building ideas and how everyday experiences can lead to content creation ideas.
    • Link building expert Eric Ward has regularly appeared on WebmasterRadio.FM, including a December 2013 episode of Digital Marketing Matters where he discussed Link Accountability, plus he discussed Linking Strategies for a Post Google Panda Web on SEO Rockstars.

    We also presented an exclusive 6-episode series called Behind the Backlinks hosted by the team at Page One Power. Among the episodes featured included topics such asThe Value of Guest Posting for Link Building Purposes,Quality over Quantity in Links and a session where co-founder Jon Ball answered some Frequently Asked Link Building Questions.