• November 26, 2008

    Life Tips - Eco-fabulous Green Shopping Guide

    Byron White and Amanda Smyth were joined by eco-designer Zem Joaquin, founder of Ecofabulous.com. Ecofabulous.com is an enormous catalog of ecologically friendly designs for virtually all aspects of our lives. From furniture to toys to food to fashion, Ecofabulous.com features an amazing array of green goods for the holiday shopping season. Zem made a point of noting the 4th Annual Gorgeous Greens Party at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco on December 2. The event is a benefit for Global Green USA, a non-profit organization who's projects include rebuilding parts of New Orleans using sustainable materials, greening the public school systems and improving public housing. You don't have to be a celebrity to be ecofabulous. Byron and Mandy talk with Zem about her green ideals, hot ecofabulous advice and the unique shopping guide her website has become. Listen to the interview here or listen later to a Life Tips podcast.