• September 16, 2008

    Let’s face it; you were born naked in bed with a woman.

    But this was no ordinary woman, she inspired you to go to college and a whole series of ebonics jokes. She bandaged your knee when you feel off your bike and made you eat your vegetables. She rocked your cradle, while also being proof that human beings can go without sleep for years on end.


    Today on Purse strings with Maria Reitan, we will have the founder and CEO of SheSpeaks, Aliza Freud. Shespeaks is a women’s insights and word-of-mouth marketing network that helps companies spark women’s interest, obtain candid feedback, grow word-of-mount awareness and build long-term brand advocates.

    Together, at 3pm EST, they are going to delve into the specifics on the demographic who controls the largest portion of consumer spending: Mom.

    I guess it’s time to retire all those Yo Mama’s so cheap jokes…