• April 30, 2008

    Learn SEO Basics in 10 Understandable Segments

    Jim Hedger of Metamend.com and Dave Davies of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning - hosts of WebmasterRadio.FM's "Webcology" have teamed up with WebProNews to deliver a fantastic 10-part series on Search Engine Optimization and marketing in general. Part 1 - Keyword Research  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Richard Stokes from AdGooroo.com, Ken McGaffin from WordTracker, and Curtis Dueck from Epiar tackle the topic of keyword research
    Part 2 - Competitor Analysis  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Ross Dunn from Stepforth breaks down how deconstructing your online marketing strategy help SEOs discover how well their competitors are doing - and Andres Galdames of ClickTracks talks about self analysis
    Part 3 - Site Structure  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Daryl Quenet of Beanstalk and David Brown aka NeO talk site structure 
    Part 4 - Content Optimization  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Content optimization, and how it is a commitment to developing and deploying great pages
    Part 5 - Link Building  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Jim and Dave speak with Debra Mastaler who wrote a  Semmy winning article  on link building, offering tips to those who need help gaining more traffic.
    Part 6 - Social Media  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Li Evans from KeyRelevance tells us about implementing social media strategies and the AOL Acquisition of Bebo.
    Part 7 - PPC  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Jim and Dave speak to Emily Spence of Enquisite about keyword research, setting up your PPC campaign and setting it up in conjunction with an organic campaign.
    Part 8 - Statistics Analysis  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Andres Galdames of ClickTracks discusses statistics analysis including Improving Your Site Health in order to improve your site ranking, and the importance of rank to a companys bottom line.
    Part 9 - Conversion Optimization  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Rick Tobin and Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro disucss conversion optimization including Barrier Scanning in Websites,  pushing scan  patterns and clearing navigation paths.
    Part 10 - Keeping it Up:  Sustaining Search Rankings and Increasing Conversions  [WebmasterRadio.FM Show]  [WebProNews Companion Article]
    Sustaining Search Rankings and Increasing Site Conversions is the final part of the ten part series on SEO featured on WebProNews, plus Post SEO where  SEO and SEM Become Website Marketing 
      [Also check out Jim Hedger's blog post on the series]