• November 6, 2008

    Just pure fun

    So I must say, I missed attending ad:tech in person. However, I certainly did not miss out on the feel or vibe of ad:tech whatsoever.  I have to give props to the newest edition to our team, Jim Hedger, who was more than up to the task of covering the show alongside Senior producer here at WMR...Johnny Brasco! Now, I don't know about any of you, but I was working a tad late on Friday night and heard the most funny stuff coming out of my speakers. It happened to be Jim Hedger and Johnny Brasco providing Live coverage from the XY7.com No-Bull party. To give you a mental picture of what this was like...lets see, imagine almost naked women riding a mechanical bull. Hmmmmm   Digital Marketing just got interesting...and did I hear that Shawn Collins was catching some hoochie mama pics riding that big mechanical thang?    Just sounds wrong doesn't it?