• July 2, 2009

    Joost de Valk to host WordPress Podcast on WebmasterRadio.FM

    WordPress mega-guru Joost de Valk announced today he will be hosting a weekly WordPress podcast on the WebmasterRadio.FM network, starting next month. A short post to his Yoast.com blog says,

    I've just agreed with my buddy Daron Babin of WebmasterRadio.FM to be the host for a weekly WordPress podcast, no names or time slots decided yet but I'm so excited about the news that I wanted to share it with you all! All your suggestions for names, topics and guests are welcome in the comments!
    Joost is a SEO Consultant living in the Netherlands. He has emerged as one of the preeminent experts in WordPress design, tools, and plugins, as well as in CSS and the creation of useful scripts. The show will be launched at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose as part of WebmasterRadio.FM's full-show coverage of the event. Joost's show will air Thursdays at 5pm eastern on WebmasterRadio.FM.