• October 16, 2008

    Joe the Plumber makes it big

    If you missed the debates, last night, you missed the greatest advertisement ever for an plumber from Amarillo, Texas. Both candidates, talked about Joe the Plumber, a figure loosely based on Joe Wurzelbacher, who turns out isn't even really a licensed plumber. Irony, huh. "Joe the Plumber" had come to represent Joe Everyman, and became the talk of the debate. If life is a movie, Joe is Kevin Costner in "Swing Vote." We have an official count of the phrase "Joe the Plumber" as being repeated 26 times during the night, which is about the same number of times, on average, that McCain blinked per second while Obama was speaking. This, of course, all boils down to just about the greatest opportunity for the man who owns "JoethePlumber.com,"  Joe Francis from Amarillo, Texas, who is rumored to have promptly listed his domain for sale. Joe Wurzelbacher has been making the political show circuit. So, that ends this blog post on those who are now famous for, well, being average. May you all be so lucky.