• October 23, 2008

    Jim Hedger joins WebmasterRadio.FM

    "Hey, that's me", said Hedger glancing at the headline. I made the announcement a few hours ago on Webcology. Here it is again, just to make it extra official. "Jim Hedger has accepted a position with WebmasterRadio.FM". I have joined the crew here at WebmasterRadio.FM as a full time employee. I am not sure exactly what Daron and Brandy will choose as my title but would like to remind Daron that though I do have the hair of Les Nesman, I also have the style of Andy Travis. (just wanted to be sure that was noted) For the time being, I will be blogging from afar. This month, WebmasterRadio.FM's road crew will be at three major conferences in four short weeks. The window for making the actual move doesn't open until mid-December. I am excited, honored, grateful and full of anticipation, all at the same time. As soon as my VISA application is complete and granted, I will move to the studio in Florida where I understand a cot has been placed under the mixing board for me to sleep on. One of the most exciting aspects of the move is the opportuntiy to hang out with the growing search marketing community in S.Florida. There's a number of folks down there who I consider true friends and I can't wait until they are truly neighbors.