• October 27, 2009

    iTunes Radio

    So it's true, you may have heard rumor...but now from the horses mouth. You can now listen to WebmasterRadio.FM LIVE, on iTunes Radio. That's right. Live. Not just podcast anymore, but you can get it all in realtime if you like. This was a bit of an undertaking as iTunes is known for its heavy traffic load to the live radio stations it lists. So, I am proud to say that over the last few weeks, WebmasterRadio.FM has been streaming without a single hiccup through the iTunes Radio Network. Now, I must add a caveat. If you are running any version of iTunes earlier than V9.0, you will not be able to find us. So do the latest upgrade, and you can find us alphabetically listed in the Eclectic category. So if you are a fan of iTunes radio, then we know you'll love that you can now get WMR on iTunes Radio 24/7.