• May 4, 2011

    It's "THE SKY IS BLUE" Sale!

    That's right, Everyone always comes up with those typical corny holiday sales, and we all know they're really hokey! So we thought, WHY NOT! For 2 weeks only... that's right, for 2 weeks only... You can buy a Media Master Ad Package on WebmasterRadio.FM for only $899. This come with your very own :30 sec professionally produced, broadcast quality commercial that we will run on air, guaranteed, a minimum of 100 times per month over the course of the campaign. We'll also have you as a guest on relevant radio shows and of course throw in banners run of site. We'll also take you on the road with us and broadcast your commercials in whatever trade show booth we may be broadcasting and producing live from. This is a $3000 per month campaign, that if booked online here that we would extend a one time offer that has never before been offered and may never again be offered. You must pay by credit card and allow it to recur for the full 12 months of this campaign. (You may change out cards mid-campaign if the need arises). This is the only place to find this offer and its only good until Monday, May 9th at 6pm EST. Click Here Before Time Runs Out: