• December 5, 2008

    Is Hollywood running out of movie ideas?

    I am a bit of a movie junkie. That being said, I have a strong opinion when it comes to what is happening in Hollywood. I am growing tired of the growing trend of seeing classic movies being remade. Hollywood has screwed up classics recently  like the Longest Yard, The Omen, War of the Worlds, etc . Writers and producers have lost their creativity. The list of remakes in production I've been reading about as of this post is staggering. Take a gander at what Hollywood studios are working on for 2009. Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhies just won't die! I've seen all of these movies, and i think it's spent. But I'm actually curious how this will pan out Will I go see it:Maybe The Birds: Screwing with a Hitchcock classic. No amount of special effects will improve this movie. I still cringe watching the original. Will I go see it: No Death Wish: Sylvester Stallone as Paul Kersay. Blaspemous! Screwing with one of my favorite movies. I'll still watch it to see Sly nevertheless. Even though I'll laugh all the way through it. Bronson is the only vigilante. Will I go see it: Yes Tron: I'm betting with the special effect innovations over the 25 years, this movie will actually be an upgrade. Will I go see it:No (not much of a sci-fi fan) Nightmare on Elm St.: No one else can replace Robert Englund as Freddie Krueger. Period. Will I go see it:No The Warriors: Remake might work depending on the casting, but this movie will never duplicate scenes with memorable scenes like the gang leader's speech, and the kid with the clinking bottles saying "Come out and Play-yay". Will I go see it:Yes Star Trek: I'm speechless. Why?! Will I go see it:No The Karate Kid No Mugyagi. Will Smith's son is going to play the Karate Kid. What a waste of time. Will I go see it:No Back to School: Cedric the Entertainer is supposed to be starring in this Rodney Dangerfield classic. Like Cedric, but wrong movie. Will I go see it:No The Day The Earth Stood Still: Does look really good, even if Keanu is in it. Will I go see it:Maybe Anyone agree/disagree. Let me have it!