• October 21, 2009

    iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia or Razr: WMR is Mobile Ready!

    So not withstanding numerous changes over the years as to how WebmasterRadio.FM handled our use of the Mobile Platform. We were early adopters of Mobile distribution for podcast content from practically when WMR launched almost 5 years ago. We were on the MobilCast network for awhile before they morphed into something very different. Same was true while we were on the platform the Virgin was being pushed out on. They were a couple of cool platforms, but they were definitely marketing channels in their own right. As of today, we've done something completely different. We've made the entire WebmasterRadio.FM website mobile friendly. When I say mobile friendly, I mean try us on your iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Razr. In fact, we're now easily consumable on over 4500 different brands of mobile devices taking into account each devices capabilities, memory, video/photo. How difficult was this? Not too terribly difficult at all. In fact, I'd like to thank our new friends over at Mobify for providing a product that not only makes it a whiz-bang to transform your regular website into a mobile ready marketing tool ready to go. I'll be talking with Igor Faletski on the SEO Rockstars soon as one of the components behind Mobify is the ability to...and I quote:

    Google's Mobile Sitemap standard helps your site to rank higher in mobile search results. MOBIFY will generate it automatically, ready for submission to Google Webmaster Central.
    Now the next cool thing, and Igor and I will get into this on the show, but they have complete Mobile Analytics as well. I've seen the breakdown for just a couple hours on WMR and I was amazed and the piece for the puzzle I was missing. Very cool tool indeed. So, don't believe me...load us up on your iPhone or other smart phone and check us out. Then do what I did, head over to Mobify.