• July 31, 2013

    Infusionsoft and Their Internet Marketing Masterminds Host New WebmasterRadio.FM Series Net Fusion

    Why should you make the switch from blogger to Amazon eBook author? How to build an effective nurture campaign from start to finish? How to use Content Marketing to Attract Leads and Customers? These questions and more will be answered in the first 3 episodes of the new WebmasterRadio.FM series, hosted by the good folks at Infusionsoft, Net Fusion starting Thursday August 1st at 1pm Eastern/ 10am Pacific.

    "The foundation for every company is sales. Without sales your passion does not become a reality," WebmasterRadio.FM President and Co-Founder Brandy Shapiro-Babin said. Understanding how to maximize growth and minimize the stress in keeping the sales cycle cohesive is the key to success....and the crew at Infusionsoft are experts on how to do just that....each and every month....not to be missed episodes.

    Infusionsoft brand consultant June Brockmeyer will host the debut episode which will discuss How Small Businesses Use Content to Attract Leads. June is accompanied by Infusionsoft Senior Content Strategist Joe Manna and Dedicated Success Coach Paul Sokol. They will discuss best practices for getting leads to give you their contact information and opt-in to your emails, and how other small businesses are using content magnets and seeing big results.