• June 27, 2008

    Industry Giants Appear on the all New SEO Rockstars

    Ok, I am excited. The buzz in the studio is great because everyone is so excited to see the all new SEO Rock Stars launch LIVE again. I was just talking with Todd Friesen, a Veteran SEO Rock star...and he was describing the interesting buzz he's hearing regarding the veiled secrecy of who's hosting the new show. It's all very exciting indeed! So I can tell you this... Our old show hosts will do a hand off to the new of which I'm sure there will be some interesting banter you won't want to miss but check out the topic of the new show... Generation 1 SEO's. You won't want to miss the line-up, because joining our the new host of the All New SEO Rock Stars are legends in the industry. Who, you might be asking yourself are these industry icons as guests on this new episode?

    This is will be a jam packed hour of looking at the founding fathers in organic search with a touch of how black was black and when it became sheik to black hat. I personally cannot wait to hear this new show, especially with this all-star line-up of guests. Put it on your calendar, as this new show will debut in its new time slot at 4pm Tuesdays EST, with this over the top episode on July 1st @ 4pm EST. See you there!