• April 1, 2009

    IM Spring Break Starts Tomorrow

    IM Spring Break, the mini-conference by the sea, starts tomorrow morning at the Hilton Resort in Deerfield Beach Florida. Organized by David Snyder, Jordan Kasteller and Loren Baker, IM Spring Break is one of the most anticipated conferences of the young new year. The three day conference is organized by search marketers, for search marketers with each day dedicated to a different facet of the business. Day 1 (Thursday April 2) focuses on social media with speakers such as Brent Csutoras, Li Evans, Todd Mailcoat and Jeff Quipp. Day 2 (Friday April 3) spotlights search engine optimization with speakers such as Wil Reynolds, Rhea Drysdale and Steve Plunkett covering advanced SEO techniques. Day 3 (Saturday April 4) addresses affiliate marketing with Michael Streko, Rea Hoffman, Frank Watson, Brandy Eddings, David Szetela and Chris Hart taking the stage. Each night has social and networking events planned, including the poker night scheduled for Thursday evening. Since the mini-conference is in our backyard, WebmasterRadio.FM personalities are taking going to be there acting as unofficial hosts and guides to the fun S.Florida has to offer. We look forward to meeting and greeting attendees from around the world. Speakers and attendees are already arriving and the collective Twitter stream is abuzz with notes about the beach. For those who haven't arrived yet, be sure to remember where you are going while packing. Florida is a HOT 88-degrees today.