• November 6, 2008

    Hurricanes, ScarySEO's and Alligators...Oh My!

    So I must say with my humour in tone, that I had a truly funny moment today and yes...it was called out...and he's right, he's not going to live this down. So I supposed there are preconceived notions when one moves to a new place. This one, got me...twas funny...was prefaced as likely not going to be lived down...and guess what? It's true! So as some of you may or may not know, Jim Hedger has joined the team and is working on the ole immigration thing and figuring out living in South Florida.  He's excited about getting involved in the growing SEW Community in South Florida, and of course almost made it to the ScarySEO event. Ok, so we take a drive so I can show Jim the area near the studios so he can look for a place to live nearby...and here it came...the inevitable... Jim asks: "So Daron, what about the Alligators? Do I need to worry about Alligators in a puddle in a ditch?" LOL Now, that is one funny stereotype. But, ya know...I guess I have to agree with Jim and say, "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO LIVE THAT ONE DOWN JIM!" "YES....WATCH OUT FOR 'DEM 'DERE GATORS!" THEY'LL EVEN COME UP THE TIOLET TO GET YA!" Ohhh yeah baby...Gator Jim! Somehow the hedgehog thing is gonna be hard to go with considering the gator thang!  lol