• May 9, 2011

    How to improve page rank of a website

    You know what PageRank and backlinks is and what it used for, if not then this article might give you the answers you need. Pagerank or Goggle Page Rank as it really is called, is one of the things Google use to determine where your site should be in any given search result. But it is not essential for this position, but its mainly your website content and how it is set up, how many inbound links or backlinks your website has. Your Pagerank has small influence but is also an indication of how Google sees your site's value. As a result there are many who use it to see if the SEO that has been done, have the right effect or whether its the wrong way to go. But here you can of course also be seen in the location on your selected keywords if they have changed to a higher or lower position. Does this mean that with the highest PageRank are always tops.? No, a page with PageRank 2 can easily be higher than with a PageRank 4, however, the difference can be the decisive factor when the location of the 2 websites with the same PageRank. So your PageRank is a part of your SEO activities. Another part of your search engine is acquiring inbound links or backlinks to your website, this part requires a lot of work. The best inbound links are from sites that have relevant content according to your own website. These are also the links that are hardest to acquire, but is worth the effort. Another option are websites that offer that you can make a link to his website or write an article about the products you have where you'll links to your own website. These pages are called, among other things to link directories and article directories. They do not have the same effect as the first type of links, but if you do the work right, then there are also an advantages to fund here. But it is extremely important that this work is done right, otherwise it might end up being damaging to your website and you and the link directories or article directories. Therefore if you use this kind of search engine optimization, you should NEVER reuse your text as it is called double content and it will be severely punished by Google and the other search engines.! A third possibility is forums, here its often allowed to have links in your signature which is added your posts on the forum. So if you are active in forums, it will be possible to obtain a larger number of backlinks. You can also comment on blogs that write about subjects you are interested in or who writes about some of the things that your website covers. But dont spam blogs, and by this I mean refrain from writing crap post like "Good post", "Nice post" and so on. There are two reasons for this, the first is that 99 times out of 100 the post gets deleted and then its a waste of time, the second it can result in that the blog owners might start blogging about you and give you bad publicity which can result in a decrease in customers if your website is a web shop. Actually there are a third reason, everybody hate spam ill bet the you also hat spam mails and so on so why do it yourself.? So when you begin the process of acquiring these inbound backlinks, it must be an ongoing process. This means that its not good enough to sit down one Sunday and work all day to get these backlinks, it must happen naturally. So it takes time, but the sooner you get started the better it is for your page, and ultimately the number of visitors to your website and profits. Happy link building