• December 21, 2009

    Help PeoplePond.com push Santa to number 1

    Our friends at PeoplePond want your help to push Santa to the Top of the SERPs in a bid to help a number of charities.

    Join PeoplePond as we push Santa Claus to the top of the SERPs in 25 days. This is a program based on collaborative SEO and social media sharing for the purpose of helping Santa Claus climb the SERPs to benefit various charities. This is a fun opportunity to flex your SEO muscles while helping worthwhile charities this holiday season. Your friends at PeoplePond have created a personal SEO profile for Santa Claus including links to a few of his favorite charities. Check it out at http://www.peoplepond.com/SantaClaus. What would you do to help boost its rank in search results? Do you have SEO copy recommendations? Have you created some backlinks to the profile? Have you shared the profile with others on social media sites? It's all good. And as your reward for helping, you will receive a PeoplePond profile with a free full-service SEO and Identity Verification package subscription for one year (a $99 value) and your profile will be featured in the list of contributors. Complete information and instructions can be found at http://www.peoplepond.com/SEOSanta2009.php.