• April 20, 2009

    Guy Kawasaki Talks Twitter Live on PPCRockstars, 4PM Monday

    Venture Capitalist and online entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki will appear on WebmasterRadio.FM’s PPC Rockstars, hosted by David Szetela, on Monday April 20, to discuss and defend comments he made during his keynote speech to the 2009 Search Engine Strategies New York Conference. Kawasaki’s controversial comments involved the use of the extremely popular social media application Twitter for commercial and personal promotional purposes. Guy Kawasaki has an enormous number of followers on Twitter. With over 100,000 users receiving hundreds of Twitter comments he makes each day, Kawasaki has become a lightning rod attracting praise and criticism for his mass marketing efforts. Some have called him brilliant while others say his ideas could lead to the ruin of Twitter as an effective communications tool. There is a wide and vocal debate about his tactics within the digital marketing sector. WebmasterRadio.FM will be presenting a special episode of PPC Rockstars to give Guy Kawasaki the opportunity to speak directly to the search and digital marketing community about his comments. During the broadcast, Kawasaki and Szetela will take questions posed by listeners via Twitter, sent directly to the Twitter addresses @GuyKawasaki, @Szetela and @WebmasterRadio. Twitter users can watch and participate in the online conversation by following the hash tag #ppcrockstars, and by including that hash tag in their Tweets. “I’m very grateful to Guy for agreeing to this interview,” said David Szetela. “We’re looking forward to some lively discussion, insider Twitter tips and witty repartee. Just in case, Guy will be wearing his virtual hockey mask.” This will be one of the first massive interactive online radio broadcasts using Twitter and certainly one of the largest. Combining the resources and efforts of WebmasterRadio.FM, Guy Kawasaki, David Szetela and others in the digital marketing community, WebmasterRadio.FM expects to push promotion of the interview to over 750,000 Twitter users in a seven-day period. Promotion for the show has already begun with a Twitter re-tweet campaign which started on Monday April 13.