• July 3, 2008

    Google's Policy on Link Attribute Inheritance

    So I don't know about you, but this topic has been floating around for awhile and I just kind of found myself in a strange position that I wish to explore and hopefully with Google's help.  I placed a call over to Google PR to ask for someone to come onto the new SEO Rock Stars to discuss the inheritance of link attributes...both good and bad. Thanks to Molly Simms, asst. to David Krane, as they got back to me straight away after a quick call to his office.  Now, there's some disparity methinks, in Google's posture on the topic and we have requested clarification on the matter. For example, our company acquired a site and apparently (according to Sir Matt Cutts) its bad link neighborhood came with the package. He says I'm welcome to get more links that he thinks Google would trust more (by the way Matt, your blog links to the site too...does Google trust your site?). Just bustin on ya a bit Matt.  But seriously folks, if you buy a site, clean it up and work on compliancy ...should you inherit all the negative attributes the engine may reflect whether in penalties, etc from a former owner? If so...how long should the new owner be expected to pay the price for the error of another's ways? Also, does this mean that someone who puts on a black hat and helps their competition to some bad neighborhoods of their own? Is this an exploit? Google...we want to know!  This coming Tuesday, July 8th...Jim Hedger will join me in this discussion as we delve into the topi9c a bit deeper. We encourage you to come and jump into the chat room and get involved and tell us your experiences so we can share them. Squeeky wheel gets the grease!