• November 25, 2008

    Google Wiki Abuse - Yang yanked as Yahoo! CEO

    Mikkel deMib Svendsen and Dave Naylor's Strike Point show covered a wide range of issues yesterday. From how easy it is to abuse Google's new Wiki-powered search technology to sudden alterations to the UK Value Added Tax to Jerry Yang being yanked as CEO of Yahoo!, the unique personalities of Mikkel and Dave take smart, hard look at a number of news stories hitting the industry. Listen to or download the podcast here or tune into archived Strike Point episodes in the International Marketing channel on WebmasterRadio.FM.

    Google Search Wiki Abuse
    The realization that Google Search Wiki could be abused, plus Mikkel and Dave discuss the rumors swirling around possible layoffs at Yahoo following the resignation of CEO Jerry Yang,

    Show Host: Mikkel deMib
    Dave Naylor
    Show: Strike Point

    Channel: International Marketing