• January 5, 2010

    Google Nexus One - Google Phone Unveiled

    Google is expected to unveil its long expected Google phone, the Google Nexus One later today. Designed to steal market share from the now ubiquitous iPhone, Google's Nexus One is a main component in Google's bid to remain the world's leading portal to the wider Internet. Other components in Google's bid to displace Microsoft's hold on the habits of a majority of Internet users include telephony service GrandCentral and mobile ad network AdMob. Google acquired GrandCentral two years ago and is in the process of gaining regulatory approval on the acquisition of AdMob. The Google Phone is also part of Google's ongoing battle with Microsoft for the crown of dominant operating system moving into the mobile era. The habits of Internet users are changing as mobile devices and smart phones become a customary conduit to the Internet. Google's Android operating system is quickly gaining on the mobile operating systems developed by Microsoft and other mobile OS makers. A leader in "cloud computing", Google has, for years, quietly developed a slew of products designed to store user information on Google servers so it is accessible by those users anywhere in the world. Those products, including Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar and even Google Wave, when compiled into suite, rivals Microsoft's dominant Office productivity suite. The release of a Google Smart Phone is a major step towards Google's goal of controlling the world's information and making it accessible to users wherever they might be. It is also a shot towards the bridge of the MV Microsoft and a clue to Google's long term intentions. It will be interesting to watch how the market develops in the short, mid and long terms.