• February 19, 2009

    Getting Better at Radio

    A few hours ago I wrote about the possibility we are migrating our platform to a WordPress foundation. It's been a long day of examination, problem solving and hard thinking. One of our tasks today has been to troll through half a decade of archives comprised of over 15,000 unique audio files. While we obviously did not review them all we did listen to a few dozen of them from over the years. We're getting better at doing radio. The tone and quality of our podcasts is far better today and we are starting to develop a real on-air personality between shows. Just a few minutes ago, I heard our head producer/engineer Brasco doing a live announcement about the Shoemoney Show. It sounded great. 2009 is the year in which WebmasterRadio.FM has recharged its batteries and renewed its commitment to improving the quality of content and distribution by any means possible. New Shows To that end, we have brought on three new shows in the past 45 days; Office Hours with Vanessa Fox, Mobile Presence with Cindy Krum, Jordan Kasteler and Kim Dushinski, and Social Networking Now with Mark Lesnick and Mark Brooks. Re-introduction of Shows Since January 1, we have re-introduced two of our highest rated shows. The Shoemoney Show returned to WebmasterRadio.FM in mid January. SEO101 returned fully revamped and reinvigorated with Jennifer Evans Laycock and Ross Dunn hosting. Shows in Development In the next 45 days, we intend to bring a number of new shows to air in the following topic areas: Social Media, Landing Page Optimization, Public Relations, SEM Analytics, and Career Counseling. With 23 unique shows either on-air (and in podcast archives) or in development, WebmasterRadio.FM is one of the largest fresh content creators in mainstream or Internet media. (By contrast, excepting the news, NBC TV creates approximately 18-hours of fresh content per week and they have far deeper pockets than we do.) We're working harder to bring better media to our listeners. Stay tuned to WebmasterRadio.FM.