• September 13, 2016

    Forbes Agency Council Lists SEO Rockstars as a Go-To Podcast

    They’ve been called the “Princes of Pagerank,” the “Heroes of HTML” and the “Sultans of Search.” SEO Rockstars Chris Boggs and Frank Watson were recently recognized by the top PR, media strategy, creative and advertising executives from the Forbes Agency Council as one of their top eight go-to podcasts.

    It comes as no surprise that Cranberry Radio’s very own “SEO Rockstars” made the cut for staying up-to-date on trending and provocative search-engine marketing news. Boggs and Watson combine decades of SEO expertise, covering everything from low to high risk methods of online marketing.

    Kristopher Jones, founder of LSEO.com, a leading SEO company, said, “Whether talking about the latest updates on Google search or evaluating new or proven SEO tactics, the hosts always deliver an educational podcast that delivers tons of value.”

    “SEO Rockstars” is a weekly podcast on Cranberry Radio where Boggs and Watson interview special guests and discuss the wide variety of search engine optimization tactics available to you. With over 200 episodes available for download on Cranberry.fm, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spreaker and iHeartRadio you’re sure to find a topic that is guaranteed to make your head spin and keep you thinking.

    Make sure you add SEO Rockstars to your list of go-to podcasts: http://cranberry.fm/shows/seo-rockstars.