• December 15, 2008

    Facebook gives me nightmares!

    Up until two months ago, i would use Facebook to network with other people in the industry, or in other words, for work-related purposes. But then the face of my Facebook page changed forever. If you look at my friends on Facebook, you will notice one friend named Rosa Haas. I knew her as Rosa Hernandez going back almost 20 years ago when I was a nerdy high school kid. She recently found me on Facebook and added me as a friend and I did the same thinking nothing of it. Then hoardes of classmates and students decided to follow suit now that Rosa found me. Age has caught on some of them, some have gotten married ( I'll pass) with kids (i'll pass). Then with these added friends I started seeing my younger self in older tagged photos and those old memories that I successfully left behind began creeping back. I had a haunting experience at my high school. The school was in my hometown of Belle Glade, Florida population 16,000, and it was a owned by the town's "Praise God!" First Baptist Church. This school subjected us to an exaggerated gestapo-style of Christian Propoganda that they would push on every student. We were shown Christian films where we would see kids die in a car accident and be sent to hell, and after the film everyone would be in tears, while ministers and teachers lectured to us that if we did not profess our faith and confess our sins, we would go to hell unless we repented and got saved-dah! Just like every good Southern Baptist school, my classmates as well as the rest of the students would play along with the teachers and ministers, saying they were born again and holding their Bibles tight, only until the school bell rang. I've tried pretty hard to escape the thoughts of those movies and chapel services this school would put us through. Not every person i went to high school with was all bad, but this school had its share of two-faced people, as a result of those who were brainwashed to follow the propoganda. Thanks to Rosa, now all of the memories of posted pictures and new facebook buddies has me tossing and turning in bed waking up regularly in a cold sweat. P.S. This story is exaggerated and I have no bad words to say about anyone i went to school with. We're cool Rosa :) Thanks to my time going to Mass as a kid, I believe in God and I pray every night, nothing special. I believe you should be free to believe whomever what you want to believe. I would never wish anyone else to go through the propoganda this school put me through. That's why the church had to close the school down, the year after I graduated.