• December 2, 2008

    Drunken Webmaster Round Table @ SES Chicago

    Daron just announced WebmasterRadio.FM's intention to convene a Drunken Webmaster Round Table at SES Chicago on SEO Rockstars. That sort of makes it official so we're definitely going to do it. Starting at or about 6:30pm (central) on Tuesday December 9th, WebmasterRadio.FM will live-cast a conversation between a bunch of drunks, each of whom happens to be a world class webmasters. Meeting in the infamous Kitty o'Shea's at the Chicago Hilton, the panel will explore the state of the SEM industry and the SES conference in progress. You've heard the buzz about buzzed conversations at the conferences. Here's your chance to sit in on one. We've done this sort of thing before but I don't think we've ever recorded or webcasted it (unless you count the XY7.com party at ad:techNY08). Check out all of WebmasterRadio.FM's coverage of SES Chicago next week live at the website or on demand in the Conference Channel on WebmasterRadio.FM