• January 7, 2009

    Domain Masters - The Domainer Blogger Roundtable

    Tune into Domain Masters tonight at 7PM eastern to hear a roundtable discussion between three of the most respected and prominent bloggers writing about the Domain business. Host Victor Pitts is joined by Michael Berkens, Michael Gilmour and Elliot Silver. Michael Berkens  is president of Worldwide Media, Inc., which owns over 75,000 domains and operates a retail site, MostWantedDomains.com. Worldwide Media, Inc. started registering domains in 1997. In December 2007, Michael began publishing the widely read blog, TheDomains.com. Michael has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Miami Herald, among other publications. With a background in law, Michael spent ten years as a practicing lawyer on the west coast of Florida before entering the domain business. Michael Gilmour, publisher of the WhizzBangsBlog joins the show from Australia where he has worked in the Internet industry for years, starting with an Australian BBS. Michael established an ISP business in the mid-1990s and has since become one of Australia's leading Internet entrepreurs. He now owns a large portfolio of domains and uses analysis and hard work to maximize revenues from each. Taking his knowledge of domains, Michael founded ParkLogic, a firm that optimizes domain name reveues. Elliot Silver is one of the best known bloggers in the Domain business. He recently won a Domainers Choice Award for ElliotsBlog.com, which was voted Best Domain Blog, and a Name Intelligence Award for ElliotsBlog.com as the Best Domain Blog Community. The founder of Top Notch Domains, Elliot owns a strong portfolio of generic domain names. This promises to be one of the most interesting conversations on Domain Masters. Tune in live or download the podcast on demand in Internet Marketing Channel at WebmasterRadio.FM.