• July 19, 2011

    Domain Masters Relaunches with New Episodes

    Domain Masters returns to WebmasterRadio.FM starting tomorrow at a new time...5pm ET/ 2pm PT. Victor Pitts returns as host of the program and he discusses the recent news of ICANN release of new top level domain extensions with Domain Names Industry Consultant and ICANN Expert Jothan Frakes. Domain Masters bring a fresh objective look at the domain industry by discussing domains from many different perspectives, explaining how to utilize domains to drive traffic to your business and discussing power tools of the trade with the power players of the industry every week. We spoke with Victor from our studios last week about the relaunch of the series. There are so many changes going, on, with thousands of new Tlds being released to the marketplace, the PPC market that has been the foundational monetization service has undergone some drastic changes and its created a lot of new innovative products for those who are to leverage their portfolios. Pitts said on how the program is returning at an important time in the industry. We want to understand what role the domain industry plays in that. We want the listeners to understand that and know what their options are. Please note that Domain Masters will now air at a new time on Wednesday at 5pm Eastern/ 2pm Pacific. We hope you will join us.