• September 14, 2011

    Domain Masters Reaches 250 Shows; Drunken Webmaster Roundtables Revisited

    Domain Masters is the longest running weekly radio series on WebmasterRadio.FM. Today marks the 250th podcast of the show, and host Victor Pitts (who has hosted 96 episodes) uses the episode to give us a special 1-hour summary of what this program has offered to this point. Victor caught with up with the original host, Monte Cahn (who hosted 101 episodes starting with the premiere episode in November 2004 until 2008), Jothan Frakes (hosted 18 episodes in 2009) and Chef Patrick Ruddell (who hosted with co-host Morgan Linton in 2009) share their favorite individual moments on the show. Make sure to join us for this landmark 60-minute broadcast today at 5pm Eastern/ 2pm Pacific. In other announcements, WebmasterRadio.FM's Rewind series will take us back to the infamous, controversial and alcohol-driven "Drunken Webmaster Roundtables". Later this week, you will be able to download several snippets of some of the most uninhibited SEO conversations ever recorded. You can find them available for download this weekend.