• October 10, 2011

    Discovering the Entrepreneur Effect with Dush Ramachandran

    Many of you are dedicated and devoted to a life of developing new ideas and innovations. Willing to take calculated career risks achieving independent wealth and success. If that is you...then you are ready to experienceThe Entrepreneur Effect. We recently spoke with the host of the WebmasterRadio.FM weekly series Entrepreneur Effect (debuting this Wednesday at 6pm Eastern and 3pm Pacific Time), Dush Ramachandran. Q: Give me the elevator pitch on what the "Entrepreneurial Effect" will be all about. A:The entrepreneur effect is a show meant for entrepreneurs, meant to be inspriational providing practical advice and guidance on how to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. We are looking for this to be a fun and informative relaxed show where entreprenuers get practical, actionable advice that they can work with in their everyday lives. Q:Tell us about the kinds of entrepreneurs we should expect to hear from. A:The entrepreneurs that we will speak to will be the largest entrepreneurs in the affiliate marketing and internet marketing space. Primarily, affiliate and/or product vendors who have been successful in internet marketing, and they will share their experiences which I think will be applicable to people entering the business are already inthe internet marketing business looking to understand a little bit more and get better at what they are doing. Q: Give me a sense as to what drove, inspired and motiviated you to make the show? A: As I have encountered many marketers that have set up businesses who are entrepreneurs in their own right. I myself have been in two entreprenuerial ventures, I started and sold two companies, and when you are an entrepreueneur the biggest challenge is there are some times when no matter how good you are things may not be quite going your way, or you are might be stuck at a particular point where you are not exactly the avenue you are going is the correct one. In all these situations, I have personally found that talking to someone else who has had a similiar problem and who has solved that problem has been hugely helpful. That approach has been so useful I have found is absolutely invaluable.