• December 23, 2008

    Danny Sullivan’s Final Daily SearchCast

    For the past three years, one of WebmasterRadio.FM’s premier shows, The Daily SearchCast has featured the wit, wisdom and character of Danny Sullivan. On December 18th, following his last scheduled SearchCast of 2008, Danny announced it would be his last show as the host of The Daily SearchCast.  After a record run of 454 episodes, we’re going to miss him. Since July 27, 2005, Danny has given Webmasterradio.FM listeners his take on the most important stories in search. Often irreverent but always accurate, Danny produced some of the most memorable moments  broadcast on WebmasterRadio.FM. (ed note: He somehow managed to sing at least once in each episode. Try to name another radio station that would broadcast Danny's singing on a regular basis...) Earlier this year, Danny moved from the UK to the USA and had to alter his broadcasting schedule to match his new time zone. What was a daily program turned into a weekly program. With the added pressures of starting a new search marketing conference series (Search Marketing Expo), running a significant online news gathering organization (Search Engine Land), and maintaining the only social media application dedicated to the search and Internet marketing community (Sphinn.com), the “Weekly Daily SearchCast” was, as Danny wrote, becoming the “Monthly Weekly Daily SearchCast”.

    Danny summarized the situation best on the blog he created to carry detailed show coverage, TheDailySearchCast.com where he wrote, “Unfortunately, I just don't have as much time as I used to. I'd hoped that going to a weekly format temporarily might help. It did a bit, but I'm still short of time. Plus with trips or meetings coming up, I've found that "Weekly Daily SearchCast" was rapidly becoming the "Monthly Weekly Daily SearchCast." If I'm going to do something, I want to do it as best I can -- and I don't feel I'm doing it with the show. So, that's it. Never say never, of course. There's a chance I might dig deep in the future and try doing some video updates, with audio for download. I'll leave the feed going, just in case. But I don't have any immediate plans to do so. I'd like to thank all the great folks at WebmasterRadio.FM for their support and help in making the show a success over the years. And, of course, thanks to all my listeners.”
    Listeners can continue to download podcasts of previous Daily SearchCast shows from the WebmasterRadio.FM archives. From all of us here at WebmasterRadio.FM Danny, THANK YOU for your time, dedication, accuracy and your absurd levels of sheer amazingness. We’re going to miss Danny big time. Though we can’t fill his shoes, we do need to fill out time slots. 2009 is going to be a good year for WebmasterRadio.FM’s line-up. WebmasterRadio.FM has a number of new show hosts joining us next year, including Tim Ash, Bryan Eisenberg, Vanessa Fox, Cindy Krum, Penelope Trunk, and the return of Jeremy Shoemaker, aka: ShoeMoney.  Stay tuned to WebmasterRadio.FM, live or on-demand via podcast for more great B2B programming.