• February 4, 2010

    Colorado Affiliate Tax Update

    STORY UPDATE (Feb5, 12:40pmET) - An amended version of the Colorado Affiliate Tax Bill (HB 1193) has passed the senate finance committee and will be forwarded to the state senate for a vote on Monday. Please see: Amended Colorado Affiliate Tax Goes to Senate for more information
    We have received word from sources watching the Colorado Senate finance committee in Denver as it reviews a dozen separate tax measures moving through the state legislature. One of those measures, House Bill 1193 is an Affiliate Tax which the Performance Marketing Association suggests will decimate Colorado's affiliate marketing community by forcing over 100 affiliate programs to retreat from Colorado. Janice Roetenberg, Director of Corporate Marketing for Adperio reports that as of last night, the finance committee had not gotten around to reviewing HB1193. The committee meets again today but there is still time to write to state congress representatives explaining the damage an Affiliate Tax will reap on the affiliate marketing sector. To find a Colorado State representative to write to, please click here.