• January 13, 2009

    Carol Bartz name new CEO at Yahoo!

    Yahoo! has named former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz as its new CEO. According to reports in AllThingsD and the Wall St. Journal, Bartz, who is 60, has accepted the offer and will be taking over the beleaguered search portal after Yahoo!'s Q4-08 results are released on January 27. Bartz has a difficult and challenging road ahead of her. Yahoo!'s Q4-08 results are expected to be dismal and the company is still reeling from (and dealing with) the fallout of Microsoft's take-over attempt last year. On her side, Bartz comes from within the tech industry and is well known and liked in Silicon Valley. Unlike her predecessors Jerry Yang and Terry Semel, Bartz has had experience running a large high-tech firm though not one as large or as messy as Yahoo! currently is. Her inexperience in online advertising and her friendship with current Yahoo! board member Susan Decker are seen to be two negatives surrounding her appointment. Yahoo! insiders expect Decker to step down after Jerry Yang leaves his post.