• December 18, 2008

    "Whale Wars" host Capt. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd on Rainmaker Today!

    Captain Paul Watson, founder and President of the direct action environmental group, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), will be a guest on RainMaker today on WebmasterRadio.FM. Watson is, by far, the most active and open direct action environmental activist on Earth. In 1986, Watson's society made international headlines by effectively shutting down the Icelandic whaling industry by scuttling half of their whaling fleet and destroying the whale processing station. Since then Watson has remained in the news regularly by consistently standing up to environmental abusers on the ocean, ice and land. This year, Watson began hosting Whale Wars on the Discovery Network. Captain Paul Watson joins Daron and Brandy live on the air from aboard the M/Y Steve Irwin near Antarctica where SSCS is documenting the Japanese Whaling Fleet's activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.