• July 28, 2009

    BingYa!, aka The Panama Bing Thing

    The mythical beast named Microhoo is no more! A very real one named BingYa! (also known as The Panama Bing Thing) has emerged in a stunning but logical agreement. A deal has been struck between Yahoo! and Microsoft that, if allowed by Federal regulators, will immediately transform the search and online advertising landscape as we know it. In the broadest strokes, (the actual deal is to be announced tomorrow), Bing will provide organic search results to the Yahoo! network. This will give Bing a nearly 30% share of search results served while giving Yahoo! a far larger inventory of search results to serve ads against. Yahoo! will eventually take over Bing's ad-inventory however that phase could take several years as literally millions of existing relationships, synergies and deals need to first be renewed, renegotiated or in some cases, undone. Before anything past a major announcement happens, several regulatory hurdles will have to be crossed. This deal has a far better chance of actually happening than Google's bid for Yahoo! last year did because it creates rather than stifles online advertising competition. If these are the general broadstrokes of the agreement, a number of questions remain. Yahoo!

  • What happens to Yahoo!'s already robust search technologies?
  • What happens to legacy patents such as the ones Yahoo! acquired when it purchased AltaVista years ago?
  • What exactly is Yahoo! going to focus on now?
  • Microsoft
  • How does Microsoft intend to monetize organic search results beyond paid search?
  • Is there an integration strategy around Bing and future Microsoft products?
  • When was this deal originally conceived? Is this a vote of confidence in the new management at Yahoo! or was the Panama Bing Thing a plan B after the trauma of 2008? Who's idea was the Panama Bing Thing?
  • Both
  • Panama or Ad-Center?
  • How long does this pact last?
  • What defines success in this pact?
  • Where exactly will ads be served under this agreement?
  • Will we BingYa! or will be we Hoobing in the near future? Which to you two prefer?
  • An announcement is expected early tomorrow. We'll bring you full details as they emerge.