• July 31, 2009

    Bing - Yahoo Deal Coverage on WebmasterRadio.FM

    It has been an intense two days for the staff and show hosts at WebmasterRadio.FM. Somewhere around 6pm Eastern we learned that the MSFT/YHOO rumors we had been hearing all afternoon were in fact true and that a major announcement was to be issued early Thursday morning. A leisurely summer's afternoon had suddenly turned into a frantic 36-hours of news gathering, phone calls and show planning. Here is a run-down of WebmasterRadio.FM shows and posts covering the Bing - Yahoo Search deal. We worked quickly to get a special presentation together and by 9pm, we went live-to-air with a Bing/Yahoo analysis panel made up of Sarah Lacy from BusinessWeek & TechCrunch, Disa Johnson and Jim Hedger, which was moderated by Daron Babin. --> "Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal Imminent" Thursday morning, Yahoo and Microsoft CEOs Carol Bartz and Steve Ballmer held a joint press conference at 5:45am Pacific announcing the details of the Microsoft Bing / Yahoo Search deal. After hearing the details, I wrote a blog post, "The Benefits of BingYa!" as a short examination of who in our industry most benefits from the deal. Thursday afternoon, WebmasterRadio.FM shows Webcology and Office Hours with Vanessa Fox covered the deal. Webcology (2PM): "The Benefits of BingYa!-The Microsoft Yahoo Search Deal" Office Hours with Vanessa Fox (3PM): "Yahoo Microsoft Deal Effect on Owners, Developers and SEOs" To cap our coverage of the Bing - Yahoo thing, the original pioneer of search coverage, Danny Sullivan and Marshall Sponder from the New York Times dedicated nearly 90-minutes to a special edition of Danny's popular Searchcast on WebmasterRadio.FM --> "Understanding the Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search Deal" That's a lot of coverage in what amounts to a 36-hour period. Special thanks to everyone involved. We will continue following this story as it develops.