• April 1, 2009

    Barry's April Fools Joke

    I just got cyberpunked by Barry Schwartz! In what I believe to be the most stomach churning April Fools joke I've seen online, Barry's Search Engine Roundtable just delivered a "blue screen of death". The joke was played, appropriately, while I was checking out his post on the April Fools pranks played by the major search engines. Aside from being the day to pull such pranks, today's joke was especially timely due to ramped up fears of the threat of the Conflicker worm which is supposed to wreck havoc on computer users today. I was seriously scared for a second until I noticed the April Fools admission at the bottom of the page. Now that my stomach has flipped back to its normal placement and is no longer in my chest, all I can say is, "Well done Barry".