• December 23, 2009

    Bah Humbug! Yahoo to kill MyBlogLog in 2010

    Three years after they bought it for $10 million, Yahoo is planning to shutter the popular blog-pollination social platform MyBlogLog. According to a story published in this morning's ReadWriteWeb blog, sources at MyBlogLog confirm their project will cease to exist sometime in January 2010. Built to display the faces and profiles of blog readers, MyBlogLog was one of the first social network platforms that saw nearly universal adoption amongst bloggers and blog readers. Capable of capturing valuable information about site visitors, MyBlogLog had a virtually unending number of other applications it could have been used for had only Yahoo devoted focused energy on further development. Instead, MyBlogLog was left to languish into dysfunction. The loss of MyBlogLog might not be too spectacular, considering the meteoric rise of Facebook and Twitter however when it was first introduced to the blogging ecosystem, MyBlogLog was a means of virtually meeting those who took the time to visit your website or blog. Imagining the potential well of demographic information about actual site visitors, now lost, is heartbreaking. For observers of Yahoo, the shutting down of MyBlogLog is just another sign of the waste inattention brings. For the last two years, Yahoo has been suffering the atrocities of atrophy. 2010 is likely to be an even more difficult year for the purple giant as it struggles to shed its skin as it moves towards its eventual absorption by Microsoft. Goodbye MyBlogLog, it was nice to have sort of known who you were.