• December 15, 2008

    Back from SES Chicago 08

    "It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me, You're quoting the wrong song..." (all apologies to Sean MacGowan, Jem Finer and Pogues fans everywhere) It wasn't Christmas Eve though the streets of Chicago were cold enough to pass for late December. We were not in the drunk tank though listeners might have thought so had they tuned in to the Drunken Webmasters' RoundTable broadcast live last Tuesday night. There was an old man speaking to me but that might have been any number of characters ranging from Daron Babin to Todd Friesen to Dave Naylor to Doug Heil. At some points in the evening it was hard to tell. WebmasterRadio.FM rocked its way through the final major digital marketing conference of the year last week in our virtually complete coverage of all major events at Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008. As the official radio and podcast network of the Search Engine Strategies Conference series, there's a lot expected of us. We carried every keynote speech, all the Orion panel sessions, a number of individual sessions and recorded over twenty interviews with industry thought-leaders throughout three days of intensely hard work. Our goal at conferences is to act as ears for the tens of thousands of people in our industry who can't attend themselves. Here are some of the highlights from Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008:

    As I said, we worked hard last week. We compiled some great conversations, attended every social event and created a lot of fun of our own. There are more files where those came from waiting to be edited and archived in the Search Engine Strategies Conference channel at WebmasterRadio.FM. Now we get to take some much needed rest time. We're still broadcasting, podcasting and gathering great information but for the next few weeks we get to do it from our homebase in Fort Lauderdale. The crew doesn't have to travel until the New Year and our first conference of next year is the Social Networking Conference just down the street in Miami in late January.