• April 3, 2009

    Attention Affiliate Marketers! - Affiliate Convention, June 17 - 20, Denver

    In cooperation with AffSpot and Ticonderoga Ventures, WebmasterRadio.FM is throwing a convention designed to make affiliate marketing businesses better. Taking place June 17th – 20th in Denver Colorado, the Affiliate Convention is being organized to offer the real stars of the field, the affiliate marketers themselves a conference of their very own. If you are in any way interested in the expansive opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry, Affiliate Convention is the show for you. Affiliate marketing is now the fastest growing sector in digital marketing and one showing continued strong returns for those involved. While affiliate marketing has brought wealth to many over the years, the current economic conditions make affiliate sales even brighter as consumers turn the Internet and e-commerce to save money. Free Admission for Affiliate Marketers, Lowered Costs for All We are dedicated to building a better affiliate marketing community and bringing the best speakers, sessions and information to that community. As we see it, working affiliates are the cornerstones of the industry. The efforts of the actual workers, affiliate marketers, make all of us successful. Therefore, at Affiliate Convention, any affiliate marketer who can prove their affiliation to a major network will get free admission to the event! One of the reasons we choose Denver as the launch pad for the Affiliate Convention series is the city’s affordability. Denver is a hub airport for several airlines and has some of the least expensive room rates in the country. All expenses added up, some conferences cost $2500 or more to attend. We want to build one that costs attendees as little as possible while offering more than any other trade show or convention serving the affiliate marketing sector. True Thought-Leaders as Speakers It is our intention to build a conference free of generic sessions, incomplete information or product-pushing speakers. Affiliate Convention is designed for Affiliate Marketers with an intermediate to high level of knowledge and experience. To that end, we have invited some of the smartest and in some cases, most controversial names in Affiliate Marketing to speak. Watch for names like Kris Jones (CEO of PepperJam), Harrison Gervitz (founder of GervitzMedia), Heather Paulson (CEO of Paulson Management Group), Andrew Cotton (Sr. Sales Manager with Yahoo Search Marketing), Jeannine Crooks (Blogger), and Monte Cahn (CEO of Moniker). Topics of Importance for Affiliate Marketers Moving far away from generic affiliate marketing conferences, Affiliate Convention is built for experienced affiliate marketers. Information and learning sessions at Affiliate Convention include, Actual E-mail marketing case studies, video advertising, advanced SEO, local marketing, how to look after your business and financial interests, and working with niche tracks. Affiliate Convention’s speaker and topic list is compiled to give you the best access to the brightest brains in affiliate marketing. Register NOW Register as quickly as possible. We only have room for so many attendees and we want your name on the list. Registration is easy and inexpensive. If you are a working affiliate, registration is FREE! To register for Affiliate Convention, please visit this page: Affiliate Convention Registration