• December 31, 2008

    Another Great Year...

    I wanted to take a moment to thanks all of our show hosts for another wonderful year. The community is a better place because your efforts and we hear priase for your works everywhere we go on the road. So I know we're making a difference in the lives of people and helping them to meet and exceed their personal & professional goals.

    So from Brandy and myself...a big thank you to all of our show hosts...you are all amazing!

    To our loyal and faithful listeners, you know who you are...

    It goes without saying...We thank you! Your emails, phone calls, and on-site testimonials have told us resoundingly that you are as passionate about our content as we are. It also tells us, you're listening.  :-)  So thank you for your time this year. If you've attended any of our bashes in the last year, we hope you had an experience to remember and also hope we've helped you along your path to success.

    To all of the fantastic sponsors, advertisers, members and partners who have supported us over the last year...again, it goes without saying, a big thank you to you all.

    To everyone...I would personally like to wish you a safe, and happy New Year!