• January 12, 2009

    An open letter to show hosts and marketing partners

    Over the past four years, WebmasterRadio.FM has become the voice of the Internet marketing and online B2B industries. Featuring many of the thought leaders in the diversity of sectors that make up our industry, WebmasterRadio.FM brings news, education and entertainment to hundreds of thousands of listeners each month. We're proud of our accomplishments to date and are resolved to redouble our efforts in 2009. This year, one of our main goals is reflective of the position the entire online marketing industry finds itself in. In 2009, WebmasterRadio.FM wants to assume our role AS a part of the "mainstream media" with one of our missions being to help explain the digital marketing to businesses and advertising channels traditionally outside the online marketing environment. As the global economy changes and more monies are shifting towards Internet marketing, WebmasterRadio.FM is working to reach out across the digital divide to bring a higher standard of informational programming to decision makers around the world. We want to enlist your help in building and expanding our collective audience. We’re going to begin communicating far more frequently with our show hosts, conference and media partners in order to develop or deepen our cross-promotion plans. In addition to using the revitalized WebmasterRadio.FM blog, our Facebook group and our Twitter stream to help our partners promote their endeavors, we are opening our content stream and our tools for use on your blogs. We are also open to new ideas and opportunities. If you have any ideas for new shows, initiatives or cross-marketing opportunities, please let us know about them. We have a wide array of resources and talents to call upon. For WebmasterRadio.FM, the success of our greater community ensures our own success. In 2009, let’s work harder together to promote each others’ successes.