• February 8, 2012

    Affiliate Marketing Post-Panda: How to Thrive in the New Affiliate Marketing World

    Did Googles Panda update destroy the Internet? For some affiliate marketers, it appears so. After Panda, many successful affiliate marketers suddenly found their rankings tanking, and as a result their income dropping. Yet, others are still thriving, and even bringing in greater numbers than before the change. Understanding Panda and what these changes mean is the key to thriving in the new world governed by Google. Who Was Hurt by Panda? The Panda update was designed to make search results more useful to the user. Before Panda, all you had to do to get site after site filled with Google ads and weak content was search a popular keyword string. It took several clicks or advanced searching techniques to find the quality content you wanted. Panda changed this, because the new algorithm lowers the ranking for sites with thin content, while sites with relevant, quality content soared to the top. For the user, this was a welcome change. For the affiliate marketer relying on poor content, the change destroyed a once lucrative income stream. How to Thrive in Post-Panda Affiliate Marketing If your affiliate sites were hurt by Panda, all hope is not lost. With a few changes to your marketing and content, you can improve your rank again and start bringing in profit. Panda did not kill affiliate marketing, but your poorly written site is hurting your efforts. A few tweaks and a change in focus is what you need to thrive post-Panda. Focus on engaging, authoritative content. Content that contains research, analysis, and reports is going to rank better than rehashed gibberish. Original content is also essential. If your content is similar or identical to the content on several other sites, even if they are your sites, you need to change it. Remove low quality pages. Take the time to analyze the various pages to find those with a huge drop in traffic. Separate the pages with high-quality, unique content from those with auto-generated pages, placing the poorer quality pages on a separate section that is blocked from crawling or deleting them altogether. You may find that your ranking improves drastically in a very short period of time with this step. Optimize your site for social media outlets. Do you have Twitter and Facebook share buttons on your articles? If you do not, add them to make it easy for your readers to share the posts you are writing. Google is watching the social media giants to see what users are viewing as relevant content, so the more ways you give your readers to share your web pages, the better your results will be. Of course, getting shares from readers requires valuable, engaging content. For years, content has been king on the Internet, and in reality Panda has not changed this. Content is still king, but affiliate marketers can no longer push their sites to the top with cheap, auto-generated, or copied content. Instead, the content Panda awards is unique, authoritative, and relevant. In the end, by focusing on making the content that Panda will like, you will turn your page into a trusted resource, and this will only increase your affiliate marketing income.