• June 11, 2009

    Affiliate Convention - One more day for free registration

    Next week's inaugural Affiliate Convention is shaping up to be a great conference. The speakers list is full, the keynote presentations are ready and the vast majority of the heavy lifting on the part of the organizers is complete. When we started planning Affiliate Convention, one of WebmasterRadio.FM's most important goals was to make the convention free to all working affiliates. WebmasterRadio.FM has a long and extremely proud history of bringing the best information to webmasters, Internet marketers and others in the online B2B marketspace. We take the same philosophy into all our endeavors in the hopes of building a stronger and more unified industry. As much as we love giving stuff away for free, there has to be a cut-off point to allow us time to make lists and check them twice. For Affiliate Convention, that cut-off point comes tomorrow at the end of the business day (pacific-time). If you are interested in attending Affiliate Convention for free, sign up in the next 24-hours! Sign-up for a free pass to Affiliate Convention here.