• February 3, 2009

    An affiliate convention in Denver, June 21st - 23rd

    WebmasterRadio.FM is pleased to announce that we have launched a new Affiliate Convention to service the needs of those in the Affiliate Marketplace. We feel the performance marketing industry is rife with business that needs to be fostered along with the educational growth of its participants. For anyone who knows us, knows that we have long had a hand in the affiliate marketing space. Most do not realize that we have been as involved as we were. To those ends, I had an idea to create a new trade show series after having spent a year working to those ends and just not quite so happy as I would be...if the project were solely in the hands of WMR. The genesis of this plan was one that formed rapidly, as we knew there was a demand for our event. If you've never been to an affiliate convention programmed by WebmasterRadio.FM, than you'll quickly discover how we differentiate ourselves from other conferences in the affiliate marketing space by focusing on the people who make the industry run, the actual affiliate marketers. Recognizing the cold realities of our current economic conditions, we wanted to present a low-cost, high-value show. In order to make an affiliate convention in Denver economically feasible for attendees, we decided to make admittance to the convention free for anyone who can prove they are a working affiliate marketer, which we take care of with a quick and painless phone call. The offer of free admittance should remove a big barrier to entry for many affiliate marketers. Conventions give attendees a leg-up in an economy that is making many marketers feel unsure. The contacts, education and networking give us a chance to shore up our business ideas and relationships. At AffCon2010 you will find value, benefit, education, and enormous networking opportunities in a beautiful setting. Focused entirely on affiliate marketing, the Affiliate Convention will feature keynote speakers Joel Comm, Jeremy "Shoemoney" Shoemaker followed by a line-up Heather Paulson, Jeannine Crooks, Tim Ash, Anita Edge and many more. Our goal is to provide a convention built around the needs and interests of the grassroots of this expansive industry, the actual affiliate marketers. Over the coming weeks, the convention website, www.AffCon2010.com will continue fill out. We will be introducing a number of social media tools for delegates, speakers, attendees and organizers to use to communicate and help build a better affiliate convention. WebmasterRadio.FM has consistently stood for the strength of the online marketing community. Together with our partners, WebmasterRadio.FM is proud to take a leading role in bringing the affiliate marketing community closer together by presenting the most inclusive experience possible. If you work in or around the affiliate marketing industry, AffCon2010 is for you.