• June 22, 2009

    Affiliate Convention Exceeds Expectations

    "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it..." WebmasterRadio.FM, along with AffEuro wished to throw a convention for Affiliate marketers in Denver. To make things more complicated, the idea was to make the convention free for affiliate marketers to attend. We wanted to throw a good first show. We needed to see five to six hundred people move past the door, numbers we would have considered a victory. We had hoped everyone would have a good time. Nervously approaching the opening of our first major convention, the organizers of Affiliate Convention fretted our way through the first day of social events working at a fevered last minute pace to put everything else we could think of in its proper place. We were nervous and there wasn't nearly enough time to do the number of things that needed doing. By the time we rolled into the absolutely wild Affiliate.com, WickedFire, Shoemoney and GetAds party figuring the Convention would function. We knew we had good speakers and a good information line-up. We knew the organizational end was ready from registration to break-down. Fred Rumsey and Nomad provided our AV foundation so we knew that was well covered. It was what we didn't know that scared us. Though we knew how many had registered but we had no real idea how many actual people would actually attend. The price was FREE, a cost often taken with little to no commitment on the part of the person paying. Registering was easy, attending was a bit harder. We had no idea what was about to take place... A large crowd stood in front of the venue, milling about the door smoking, talking and trying to deal with the party happening inside. I'm not going to write about the party happening inside. Suffice it to say the opening night event was one of the wildest industry parties I've had the pleasure of attending. What got us was the numbers. I walked over to the bouncer to ask if everyone in and around the building was associated with Affiliate Convention. "This is a private party sir. Everyone here is from the convention." He might have thought he was turning me away but at that moment, I knew we had smashed far past our earlier expectations. It was going to work! Everything seemed to work right. The inaugural Affiliate Convention was a tremendous success. Over a thousand affiliates walked through the door, past a small (soon to grow, no doubt) but excited trade show floor and into one of three concurrent sessions. Attendance in most sessions was high and folks have been heard saying good things about the speakers. One session in particular, Tim Ash's was so over-attended he had to hold a second one. Too many things happened to specifically mention them all in one post. I have a lot of thank-yous to write both personally and in this blog. For now, on behalf of everyone at WebmasterRadio.FM and the other organizers of the first Affiliate Convention, an enormous and emotional THANK YOU to everyone who participated, sponsored, attended, spoke and/or otherwise assisted in making the Convention a success beyond the show we wished for. The next one will be even better. Follow this link to hear the files we broadcast live from Affiliate Convention. More files from the show coming soon.