• May 20, 2009

    A Web of Objects is the Object of the Internet

    I'm taking a quick break from organizing the upcoming Affiliate Convention to write a cathartic, brain-clearing blog post. While I would optimally like to keep this blog updated daily, helping to coordinate a major affiliate marketing convention takes a lot of time and energy. Affiliate Convention is not the only reason I haven't been blogging as much lately. It's occurred to me that I haven't felt inspired about my understanding of the web for a while. This morning, I read a short quote in a piece at Search Engine Land by Greg Sterling from Yahoo!'s "search event" held in Sunnyvale yesterday that helped me gain some of my perspective again. Prabhakar Raghavan, Head of Yahoo! Labs and Yahoo! Search Strategy is quoted saying, "We’re moving toward surfacing real-world objects rather than documents," while explaining Yahoo!'s renewed focus on upgrading the public's perceptions of its search offerings by re-outlining its current ones. The idea that the web is made up of objects more than it is made up of documents is not really new. What is new is how the combination of Internet technologies with web based documents and applications has created an environment that has vastly expanded the boundaries of web design and experience. Traditionally, SEOs have tended to see the Internet as a collection of documents rather than the repository of all types of media. While it is easier to envision delivery of web-media as a part of a document, objects such as a YouTube viewer or a Twitter client deliver as much or more information to Internet users than do web documents. I know it's a simple point which was incorporated into my thinking years ago but as simple things go, it's one I need reminding on every once in a while. From a search marketer's perspective, the objects over documents idea is inspiring. Objects make better toys to play with! Even in a virtual world, objects tend to have more dimensions than documents.